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Its summertime, and your hand automatically goes for something cold to drink, something that will refresh you, but don’t quench your thirst be for cold drinks or syrup based drinks, when you can make Aam Panna that will not only do wonders to your tastes buds but it also helps your body to cool down from within.

I also will show you how to make two variations, one the traditional way of making Aam Panna and the second Minty Aam Panna. You can store the panna mix in the refrigerator for days and just take 2 tbsp for 1 big glass of chilled water and blend and you can have instant panna whenever your heart desires. So what are we waiting for let’s dive right in and make yourselfs some delicious glass of this awesome raw mango drink.

Step by Step Video for ‘Aam Panna’ Recipe
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