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Atte Ka Halwa also known as Atte ka Sheera is one of the easiest gujarati sweets with just a few ingredients, which too can be found in all the indian kitchens.

Atte ka Halwa / Sheera is a traditional indian dessert made of whole wheat flour and the flour is roasted in ghee which is clarified butter and then with sugar.

Atte Ka Halwa/ Sheera is cooked during navratri, an indian festival. It is usually enjoyed with puris. Atte ka halwa/ sheera is also known as kada prasad and is served as prasad in gurudwara.

Atte ka halwa tastes best when it is served hot, but its can also be served cold or at room temperature. Its very easy to make and thus favorite for moms as the kids relish it.

Do look at my video which will make it easier for you to understand the steps.

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