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Nimbu Masala Soda also known as Banta, Batli Soda,  Goti Soda (Goti means small marble ball). Some know it as Goli Soda, others call it heaven in a bottle especially when they have been traveling in the scorching roads of Delhi. Nimbu Masala Soda is an  carbonated lemon flavored soft drink. It is very popular in India. Even it is popular across North India and especially the capital Delhi. In fact, it is known as “Delhi’s Local Drink”, Nimbu (Lemon) soda or Kanchay Waali Drink.

The drink is often sold mixed with lemon juice, crushed ice, chaat masala and kala namak (black salt) as a carbonated variant of popular lemonades Shikanjvi or Jal-Jeera. It is available at street-sellers known as Bantawala.

If you are grown up in India, then I am sure that you have been taken baraf Ka Gola, Pani Puri, street food, etc…and Nimbu Masala Soda is one of them. And it is also easily available on each and every corner, street of India.

 you can also check out other summer drinks like 5 lemonade or spiced buttermilk or jal jeera.

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