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Karonda pickle is made out of karonda which is a type of berry which is green and sour when unripe and turns red and sweet as it ripens.
Karonda,the wonder fruit has been used for its medicinal properties.The fruit is rich in Vitamin C and has antiscorbutic(effective in prevention or relief of scurvy) properties.It is rich in Iron and is used for treatment of anaemia.It also has anti microbial and antifungal properties.Traditionally karonda juice was used to clean old wounds which have become infected.It has been used for treatment of anorexia and also has analgesic and anti inflammatory properties.Recent research suggests that Karonda helps in lowering cholesterol levels too.
Karonda is widely used in preparation of jams,jellies,pickles,chutney,relish,squash,syrups and tarts. Who knew karonda (cranberries in Hindi) could help benefit your body so much? Now if you don’t wish to add it to a trail mix, you can reap the benefits by sneaking cranberries in oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, muffins or sprinkling a handful of cranberries on your salad or even your go-to morning cereal.
So today I am going to show you how to make a sweet, sour and spicy pickle using our hero of the day… Karonda.

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