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How to make mini idli – Podi Idli and Masala Mini idli.
Mini Idli is an alternate fun way to enjoy idli. They can be served as breakfast, lunch evening snack or as dinner.
And in this recipe i am going to show you two variations using the mini idli.
Podi Idli made using the mulagal pudi
Masala mini idli made by tempering and using onions and tomatoes.
Kids are especially attracted to these mini idlis due to the size and the shapes. And if you make all three the plain one which can be served with chutney and sambar or the podi idli and the masala idli you will become the star in front of there eyes, and not only kids about even adults cannot resisits these attractive delicious idlis.
For the batter, chutney and sambar i have already have uploaded the video on my youtube channel and on my website so don’t forget to check them out.

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