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I am sure that everyone knows how to make Chaas or Buttermilk at home, especially if you grew up in India then its a must have drink during the hot summers to keep the heat off and to cool down your body temperature.

It’s also one of the things which stops me from going vegan is yogurt (well the cheese and butter too!! but for now let’s talk about yogurt/ Curd/ Dahi).

I grew up drinking Chaas / Buttermilk everyday during summers right after or during lunch. And my mom used to make different variations to keep things interesting, so here i bring you this Chaas / Buttermilk which is full of flavour, and it’s very healthy as well.

And the colour of this Chaas / Buttermilk is very interesting as well, so if you are having guests over and you want to make Chaas / Buttermilk and give it a surprise twist then i would definitely recommend that you try out this recipe. This recipe has the most common and easily found ingredients so you you won’t have to look too far just open your fridge or pantry and voila become the star of your kitchen.

Don’t forget to tell me how you and your family liked this recipe leave a comment in the comment box and i will definitely get back to you.

Meanwhile if you are interesting in other summer drinks then don’t forget to check out aam panna 2 ways or the Nimbu pani (Lemonade) 5 ways.

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