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This recipe is inspired by famous tea shop in Pune (Chai La Pune), Tandoori chai is unique variety of Indian tea. In this recipe tea is prepared in usual Indian way, after that a clay pot is heated(usually in Tandoor) and prepared tea is poured in the clay pot so that it absorbs flavors of the hot clay pot.
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You must have heard of tandoori roti or tandoori chicken but in Pune “Chai La” named restaurant Tandoori tea is found. This tea of ​​Tandoori Smoke Flavors, which is only available in 20 rupees, has made people crazy in a short time. The 29-year-old B.Sc. graduate Amul Dilip Rajdev, resident of Pune and his cousin, Pramod Bankar, has inaugurated this special tea. This tea chain, which was popular in just two months, is planning to open it in 13 states of the country.

Indian Tea Spice (Chai Masala) – Homemade – https://youtu.be/BLJW4h9ujJo

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