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Shahi Paneer is a delicious creamy gravy made with paneer. Shahi means royal and Paneer is cottage cheese And at the name suggests this is a royal paneer dish literal translation would be Royal cottage cheese. it’s made by using onions and tomatoes and dry fruits and curd and fresh cream and the creaminess comes from the cream , curd as well as the dry fruits,
Similar dishes include Paneer Butter Masala and kadai paneer paneer butter masala is one of the most popular curries in Indian cuisine the difference between paneer butter masla is that the whole spices are used in Paneer Butter Masala where is Shahi Paneer have a sweet taste when compared to paneer butter masala.

If you are interested in looking for other Paneer recipes to check out my Malai paneer recipe and the palak paneer recipe or for a quick bite you can check out my paneer bhurji and you can have these curries with some Gralic Naan or Roti or Jeera Rice.
I would also recommend that you make fresh homemade Malai paneer because it definitely does make a difference to the whole recipe rather than buying it from the store I do have a recipe on my website as well as on my channel for the same.

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